Dinner with a legendary photographer.

Last night Jane and I hung out with legendary photographer Stan Malinowski. I met Stan at work and he invited me over to his studio only blocks away. Stan is such a nice, fun and gentle man. One of the first things he says to us is “If I make it to November, I’ll be 70 years old.” I told Stan that both Jane and I were Scorpios and an instant connection was formed. His birthday is the second of November, one day before Jane, and four before mine.

chillin with Stan

Stan’s health has been declining in recent years, cancer and arthritis slows his movement, but not his spirit.
He always has a smile on his face and his stories are full of energy and excitement. Stan’s apartment is littered with books and photographs of beautiful women. He used to work for Playboy, Vogue, Penthouse, Bazaar and a slew of other publications, he has a dozen Playboy covers to his credit. He also had his own magazine back in the late eighties, and is currently working at publishing another.

Dinner with Stan

Jane and I were amazed at his work. He showed us thousands of photographs, including pictures of models like Gia, Janice Dickenson, Christy Brinkley, Rebecca DeMornay, Renee Simonson, Cheryl Tiegs, and Carol Alt. Stan was generous enough to give us a few photos as well. Jane and I brought dinner over for Stan. He doesn’t have a grill, so I brought my small one, and we cooked burgers out in back of his loft. We drank wine and vodka martinis, and finished the night with margaritas. I also prepared some beer battered onion rings for the burgers, and a fruit salad. The dinner was delicious and the whole night was amazing.

Photos by Jane

We landed up staying past two o’clock in the morning, just talking, getting advice, and giving a bit back. I encourage you to check out his website, modelpix.com (link included in Blogroll), many of his photos are inexpensively for sale. He prints laserjet on beautiful rag-stock paper for awesome clarity and weight. Jane and I definitely made a friend last night, so more Stan stories are sure to come.

What is one thing every vineyard has in common?

You are probably thinking the same thing I thought when my boss at the wine shop asked me this: “Grapes,” “Vines,” “more Grapes,” I replied. Unfortunately I was wrong, he was trying to make a point about not leaving open bottles or glasses laying around, especially with wine in them. The reason, and answer to his question, is you will see an invasion of “Fruit Flys.” I admit, I subtly rolled my eyes at him when he lectured me on this random occasion. Funny thing is though, the joke is now on me. Days after that lecture, I noticed a fruit fly in my apartment. I felt my boss had cursed me. Truth is, I left an open bottle/glass of wine over night a few times in the past month, had the windows open, and brought these flys upon myself. These annoying, silent, little creatures get drunk on the sugars left on countertops, and spawn more of themselves in pools of liquid. Fortunately, my girlfriend Jane researched how to rid yourself of the infestation. You make a trap with a cup and a lid, apply a small paper funnel through the top of the lid half way into the cup, and fill the bottom of the cup with apple vinegar. Then sit back and watch the flys drown in a deceptive pool of liquid death. Beware the Fruit Flys!

My Entry into the Blog World

This morning I watched CBS Sunday Morning News ( I love this show) and they had a bit about the phenomena of “blogs.” Something like 70 blogs are created every hour, so I felt I needed to jump on the bandwagon, and give my two cents about life, art, music, wine, friends, family, travels, politics, love, and everywhere in between (not Somewhere in Between). I will be moving to London in September, and as I am studying abroad this will be the best means to communicate back home. I have been shying away from the computer lately, especially in the summer, because I have been painting more. I am painting faster than I can update my site, but a friend recently told me this is a good thing. One day I may be able to pay someone to update my site, but for now I am stuck with the slow and tedious process of updating by myself. As my father always told me: “You want something done right, you do it yourself.”