(Made of) Money Series Statement

Dubbed The Money Series, these works depart from the representational or abstract oil paintings I’ve been accustomed to creating. Using a range of processes, I’m experimenting with new materials, including metallic leaf and shredded U.S. currency. These elements physically intensify the canvas and also complicate it conceptually.

Shimmering paint and metallic leaf wrapped around layers of shredded pieces of U.S currency create balanced compositions that tend towards a symmetry. The investigation began by seeing the shreds of money as resembling bits of data and information. These particles of cash harken to the way money and commodities are exchanged today – billions of transactions made through electronic currents passing through wires of precious metal which lack the substance of a physical exchange of objects. The paintings evolve into sculptural and topographical forms through impasto application of the currency, rendering the invisible nature of the commodity process visible.