Cornelia’s Open Studios – 2013 schedule

I’m proud to say I helped the marketing group at Cornelia Arts Building this year by leading our design team to produce these postcards and posters. I wanted to keep the concept simple, clean and colorful. By highlighting the building at night and punching the CAB logo – we have a design that can be easily refreshed and adapted for future events throughout the year. We’ll update the postcard for the Fall event, but each Open House will feature a unique poster with a detailed photo of a CAB artist work/studio. Big thanks to Jeremiah Ketner, Kevin Swallow, Doug Birkenheuer, Judy Zeddies and Jason Messinger for their hard work – and to Darrell Roberts whose painting is featured in the lower half of the poster.

2013 Cornelia Arts Postcard (front)

2013 Cornelia Arts Postcard (back)

Cornelia Arts Building - Open Studios - March 22, 2013