Sweet Graphics Transform NC Food Truck

This is kinda cool… One of my best friends, Scott, owns and operates a gourmet food truck near Boone, North Carolina. He called last month and asked for help creating graphics to vinyl-wrap the 22′ long truck. Bear in mind this gourmet kitchen on wheels is used for private catering events only – it’s not serving up trendy tacos on a street corner near you. That’s the main reason no logos/lettering appear in the pictures below, and two different images adorn each side.

For the main window side of the truck, Scott wanted to reference an oil painting of Monument Valley, Utah, that I created nearly 15 years ago. For the opposite side, he was open to any ideas kept within a landscape theme. I haven’t painted any recent landscapes, but we eventually decided on a work I made in 2009 of the Chicago Skyline.

This project was challenging because of large proportional differences between the original paintings and the truck dimensions. In order to fit the truck, I made positional choices and precise crops while trying to minimize extreme changes in the artwork’s composition. I think the end result turned out great…and I know Scott has the hottest looking food truck in NC!

Sabayon Food Truck

Sabayon Food Truck 1

Sabayon Food Truck 2

Sabayon Food Truck 3